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Building Carbon Literacy
20220422 • 5 min

Building Carbon Literacy

Shona Russell, John Ferguson, Ian Thomson, Kirsty Holstead, Lori-Leigh Davies

CSEAR Council Chair, Professor Ian Thomson, and CSEAR Co-Directors, Dr Shona Russell and Professor John Ferguson, have received funding to investigate climate change education in accounting and finance education.

As countries gathered for the Conference of the Parties 26 in Glasgow in November 2021, public and private accounting and finance were identified as central to achieving net-zero carbon ambitions. Yet little is known about the education, knowledge, skills and capabilities of professionals tasked with understanding, evaluating and investing in climate solutions. It is imperative that accounting and finance graduates are climate literate and equipped to utilise accounting and finance tools that enable carbon accountability.

Supported by the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s COP 26 International Climate Network Grant, this collaborative project will

  • Assess levels and patterns of climate change education around the world; and
  • Work with stakeholders to develop transformative curricula to ensure that current and future professionals are equipped to achieve net-zero ambitions.

Read on for project highlights and information about future events.

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