9th CSEAR Italy Conference & 4th CSEAR Italy Doctoral Colloquium
Mon 16 Sep 2024

9th CSEAR Italy Conference & 4th CSEAR Doctoral Colloquium

HOST: Research Centre for Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainability in Management (RES.m HUB) of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Location: Piacenza

The Research Centre for Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainability in Management (RES.m HUB) of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in collaboration with the CSEAR Italy, is delighted to welcome the 9th Italian Conference on Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR Italy 2024), “Shaping the Future through Social and Environmental Accounting,” that will be held in Piacenza (Italy) on September 16–17, 2024 and the 4th CSEAR Italy Doctoral Colloquium which will precede the CSEAR Conference and will take place on September 16, 2024.

CSEAR Italy Call for Papers

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the conference website:

Visit conference website

Call for papers

Shaping the Future through Social and Environmental Accounting

This call for papers invites insights into modern corporations’ evolving social and environmental accounting challenges and accountability. Key topics include developing effective sustainability metrics, integrating environmental and social considerations into core business strategies, and balancing the diverse interests of stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, employees, governments, and communities. Papers should address navigating the complex regulatory landscape of ESG, ensuring transparency and ethical practices in supply chains, and adapting operations to mitigate climate change impacts.

Other crucial themes include effective management and reporting of sustainability data, encouraging a culture of sustainability within the workforce, prioritizing long- term plans over short-term profits, and ensuring public trust amidst increased scrutiny. Additionally, contributions should explore the centrality of employee well-being in corporate responsibility, emphasizing the importance of a healthy and engaged workforce for long-term business success.

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Carmen Correa Ruiz (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain) and Prof. Matias Laine (Tampere University, Finland) will be the keynote speakers.

4th CSEAR Italy Doctoral Colloquium

The Colloquium is an event dedicated, in particular, to emerging scholars in the social and environmental accounting research field. The colloquium will take place on September 16, 2024, in the morning, preceding the 9th CSEAR Italian Conference that will be held at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore on September 16-17, 2024.

The aim of the colloquium is to provide an opportunity for emerging scholars to present and discuss their research projects and papers alongside a cohort of distinguished scholars. The colloquium will be relatively informal to enable intensive intellectual debate and sharing of ideas and projects with the specific purpose of encouraging constructive interaction, engagement and intellectual debate in a friendly and supportive environment.

The colloquium is organized and will be coordinated by Anna Maria Fellegara (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Riccardo Torelli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Massimo Contrafatto (University of Sussex) and Ericka Costa (University of Trento) with the collaboration of the members of the Scientific Committee of the 9th CSEAR Italy Conference.

Selection of participants and applications

Emerging scholars (such as Ph.D. Students, Post-doctoral researchers and early career fellows) are invited to submit their research proposals (e.g. ideas, projects and working/full papers) to be selected for the participation to the Colloquium. To encourage constructive dialogue and engagement, the number of scholars invited to participate will be limited.

In particular, emerging scholars wishing to participate to the colloquium are kindly invited to submit in English:

1. An extended abstract (no more than 1000 words, excluding references) of their research proposal, which summarizes the title and focus of the research, the research question(s) pursued, the theoretical and methodological frameworks adopted, the discussion of the findings to date and the potential implication/contribution of the project.

2. A one-page CV, indicating the name, email, affiliation, years in the Ph.D. program to date (if applicable), Ph.D. supervisor (if applicable) and any other relevant information about the research activity undertaken.

Participants are kindly invited to submit their applications no later than June 16, 2024 to the following e-mail address: submissions@csearitaly2024.it.. It is important to indicate in the subject of the email “4th CSEAR Italy Doctoral Colloquium”.
Notification of acceptance will be given by June 21, 2024.


The participation in the 4th CSEAR Italy Doctoral Colloquium is free of charge. However, the participants to the Doctoral Colloquium are expected to register for the 9th CSEAR Italian Conference. For any information about the 4th CSEAR Italy Doctoral Colloquium, write to the following e-mail address: info@csearitaly2024.it and visit the conference website https://csearitaly2024.it.

Further details

Inquiries concerning general information about the Conference, registration, and accommodation should be directed to the Conference Administrator’s e-mail address: info@csearitaly2024.it.

Please check the conference website https://csearitaly2024.it for more details. The website will be regularly updated with important information about registration and accommodation.

• June 16, 2024: Submission deadline for abstracts/papers and doctoral colloquium application
• June 21, 2024: Notification of acceptance
• July 5, 2024: Early registration deadline
• July 6–31, 2024: Late registration
• September 16, 2024: Doctoral Colloquium
• September 16–17, 2024: CSEAR Conference
Participants are kindly invited to submit abstracts (no more than 500 words plus references) of research projects, working, and full papers to the following submission form: https://forms.gle/K83MUySjGzkGPFoTA
Contributions could be submitted and discussed in Italian or English. All papers/abstracts will be peer-reviewed prior to acceptance for the Conference.

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