Fri 24 Feb 2023

CSEAR French Reading Group

HOST: Maxence Postaire Location: Online

Abstract: Ethnography is an anthropological research method that focuses on the study of social and cultural behavior, beliefs, values, and human practices in a particular context. It involves conducting fieldwork and collecting data through observation, interviews, and participation, as well as analyzing the data to provide an in-depth understanding of a particular culture or group of people. It is an appropriate method for studying accounting practices because it allows for an in-depth examination of the social and cultural aspects that influence them and the motivations behind them. In addition, ethnography can help reveal the complexities and contradictions that exist within accounting practices and the ways in which they are negotiated and managed. To discuss ethnography, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Emmanuel Bonnet, professor at ESC Clermont-Ferrand Business School. On February 24, this topic will be at the center of the discussions. A meeting not to be missed!

Articles :

– Dey, C. (2017). Ethnography, ethnomethodology and anthropology studies in accounting. In The Routledge Companion to Qualitative Accounting Research Methods (pp. 147-162). Routledge.

– Ingold, T., & Madelin, P. (2013). Marcher avec les dragons (p. 299). Le Kremlin-Bicêtre: Zones sensibles.

– Kohler, H., Pochet, C., & Gendron, Y. (2021). Networks of interpretation: An ethnography of the quest for IFRS consistency in a global accounting firm. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 95, 101277.

– Kornberger, M., Justesen, L., & Mouritsen, J. (2011). “When you make manager, we put a big mountain in front of you”: An ethnography of managers in a Big 4 accounting firm. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 36(8), 514-533.

– Bassani, G., Pfister, J. A., & Cattaneo, C. (2021). Management accounting change as an amplifier of a leadership dispute: an ethnography of convergent and divergent leader–follower relations. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 34(9), 104-134.

Fri 24 Feb 2023 TIME: 15H CET BST

Please contact Maxence Postaire ( if you would like to attend


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