Fri 28 Apr 2023

CSEAR French Reading Group

HOST: Maxence Postaire Location: Online

Abstract: The circular economy envisions a closed-loop system of production and consumption where waste becomes a resource, thereby reducing the environmental impacts associated with today’s linear economy. Accounting could play a crucial role in the circular economy. Indeed, actors can mobilize this tool to quantify resource consumption, the amount and types of waste generated, or to evaluate the costs associated with the manufacture, use, maintenance, repair, reuse and disposal of products. Actors can use it to optimize the use of resources and maximize the recovery of materials. In sum, accounting is an essential tool to support the transition to a circular economic model. In order to discuss the link between accounting and the circular economy, we will have the pleasure to welcome Chaymaa RABIH, PhD student at the University of Nantes. On April 28th, this topic will be at the center of the discussions. A meeting not to be missed!

Fri 28 Apr 2023 TIME: 15H CET BST

Maxence Postaire (


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