Tue 22 Aug 2023

CSEAR Reading Group

HOST: Matt Sorola Location: online via zoom

As part of the CSEAR network’s efforts to be inclusive and accessible to its international members, there will be a ‘first of its kind’ session of the CSEAReading group this August run in parallel with the CSEAR UK conference in St. Andrews. This session will only be run once at the following time:

Tuesday 22 August, 2023 – 11:30-12:30 (BST)

This session will play host to a parallel session of the CSEAR UK conference dedicated to online presentations. Matthew SOROLA will chair this session, and it will feature two presentations. The first is a full paper presented by Dr. Ola AL HADDID titled ‘Challenges for Effective Stakeholder Engagement in the Mining Industry’. The second is a paper abstract presented by Dan SHEN titled ‘Corporate social reporting and shadow accounts in China: A case study of an NGO’s nine-year battle’.

Although this is a CSEAReading group session, it will be run just like a parallel session for the conference. This means there will be allotted times for the presentation (20min) and questions from the audience (10min).

Challenges for Effective Stakeholder Engagement in the Mining Industry
Authors: Dr Ola Al Haddid, Dr Sanjay Lanka V Lanka and Dr Martina McGuinness
Presented by: Dr. Ola Al Haddid


This study provides a deeper understanding of the challenges around the provision of cleaner water and sanitation from the perspective of multiple stakeholders, especially, the subaltern, dealing with water scarcity, shortage, stress, and starvation. This study sheds light on the challenges to the provision of sustainable water resources, which are similar/shared challenges faced around the world, such as, overlooking the subaltern water expectation (i.e., interest and issues), which might be hindering the fulfilment of SDG 6.

 Corporate social reporting and shadow accounts in China: A case study of an NGO’s nine-year battle
Author/Presenter: Dan Shen


This research uses a longitudinal qualitative case study to provide a unique and dynamic understanding of an NGO’s shadow accounts in opposing corporate social reporting. In particular, the interactions and communications between the NGO and the MNC relating to logging practices in China. The case draws upon interviews with the NGOs and MNCs involved, triangulated with a wide range of documentary sources. The context for this study provides and interesting setting for investigating the possibility of change brought about by an NGO’s shadow accounts.

UK CSEAR 23 / CSEAReading group (Online Stream D)

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Tue 22 Aug 2023 TIME: Tuesday 22 August, 2023 – 11:30-12:30 (BST) BST


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