Thu 15 Jun 2023

CSEAR Reading Group

HOST: Matt Sorola Location: Zoom

AI will save the world, but it might also kill us all. Tech leaders warn that it poses an immediate risk to humanity, while also while also saying they’re the only ones who understand it and can control it. While some see it as a way to augment human intelligence, others fear it’s another way for companies seeking greater profits to replace their workforce with algorithms. From practice to the classroom, research and writing, join us for an open discussion of all things AI in accounting.

Additional materials:

Citations Needed podcast (2023) – Episode 183: AI Hype and the Disciplining of “Creative,” Academic, and Journalistic Labor

Horowitz, Andreessen. (2023) Why AI Will Save the World,

Ongweso Jr., Edward (2023) AI Doesn’t pose an existential risk – but Silocon Valley Does, The Nation.

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Thu 15 Jun 2023 TIME: Africa/EU – Thursday 15 June, 2023 15:00 (CET) Asia/Pacific – Thursday 15 June, 2023 17:00 (AEST) BST

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