Thu 21 Sep 2023

CSEAR Reading Group

HOST: Matt Sorola Location: Zoom

How to QuantCrit (w/guest Wendy CASTILLO)

Africa/EU – Thursday 21 Sept, 2023 15:00 (CET)
Asia/Pacific – Friday 22 Sept, 2023 8:00 (AEST)

When we think about research in Critical Race Theory (CRT), we often think about qualitative methods. However, researchers in education are working to change that. QuantCrit’ (Quantitative Critical Race Theory) is an approach to educational research that applies the insights of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to statistical data. By recognising that misrepresentations of quantitative data are at the heart of an institutional process through which race and racism are produced, legitimized and perpetuated in education, researchers in QuantCrit aim to make such issues more visible and to guide more critical discussion and analysis of such data. In this session, we will be joined by guest Dr. Wendy Castillo (Princeton) to discuss these developments. We invite attendees to think about what lessons can be learned by critical accounting researchers, and in particular, how we might engage with statistical data to surface new avenues of critical discussion and analysis.


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Thu 21 Sep 2023 TIME: Africa/EU – Thursday 21 Sept, 2023 15:00 (CET) Asia/Pacific – Friday 22 Sept, 2023 8:00 (AEST) BST

Please contact Matt Sorola ( if you would like to attend


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