Thu 19 Jan 2023

CSEAR Reading Group – Feminist Accountability

HOST: Matthew Sorola Location: Zoom

Our next session will only run once, as it is a panel discussion between a five distinguished scholars: Christine COOPER, Rania KAMLA, Cheryl LEHMAN, Andrea ROMI and Daniela SENKL


Feminist theory is often used by researchers in other disciplines to surface prejudice, discrimination, contested meanings, in their work. Beyond simply drawing attention to these issues, such research looks to transform them. In Accounting, researchers may be aware of feminist theory and utilize it in their work, but these applications have been limited. These limits are sometimes attributed to the masculine symbolic order of accounting, which limits the way the role of accounting is understood. In this session, we will be joined by Christine COOPER, Rania KAMLA, Cheryl LEHMAN, Andi ROMI, and Daniela SENKL to discuss the applicability of Feminist Theory to accountability research.


Dillard, J., & Reynolds, M. (2008). Green owl and the corn maiden. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.
Kamla, R. (2019). Religion-based resistance strategies, politics of authenticity and professional women accountants. Critical Perspectives on Accounting 59, 52-69.
Lehman, C. (2012). We’ve come a long way! Maybe! Re‐imagining gender and accounting. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.
Senkl, D., & Cooper, C. (2022). On valuing (m) other nature in times of climate crises–A reflection on the non and nom of accounting for (m) other nature. Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

Thu 19 Jan 2023 TIME: 2-3pm (UK time) BST

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