Thu 20 Oct 2022

CSEAR Reading Group – Historical Research for Sustainability

HOST: Matt Sorola Location: Zoom

Our next session will feature guests Carlos LARRINGA (Burgos) and Germán GAMERO IGEA (Burgos)

Topic: Debating accounting history and sustainability

The motivation for this webinar is to initiate a conversation about potential points of connection between existing debates in accounting history and sustainability accounting. For example, the Anthropocene is becoming central when considering sustainable development and, arguably, Anthropocene remits us to a historical perspective of humankind. So, talking about accounting for the Anthropocene is also talking about a temporal dimension of accounting. Likewise, much of the current sustainability problems have been associated with modernity, begging the questions of how accounting unfolded (and which role played) in the historical transitions towards modernity. There is no final answer to those questions, but there are many questions and we would like to discuss them with SEA and accounting history scholars.

Thu 20 Oct 2022 TIME: Asia/Pacific: 16 :00 (AEDT), Africa/EU: 15:00 (CET) BST

Please contact Matt Sorola ( if you require more information.


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