Thu 18 Apr 2024

Wikileaks as counter-accounting? A how to guide. (w/Jane Andrew and Max Baker)

HOST: Matt Sorola Location: Online - Zoom meeting

Leaked documents can help expose hidden power dynamics in a way that corporate reports cannot. In this session we explore the overlooked potential of leaked information, such as that from WikiLeaks and Cablegate, as a powerful source of empirical material, useful for challenging hegemony. We’ll [deleted also] discuss how these leaks offer a unique window into the workings of global capitalism, particularly in sectors like extractives, where powerful corporations and governments often operate in tandem. Please join guest hosts Max Baker (Sydney) and Jane Andrews (Sydney) for a discussion on the significance of leaked documents as a largely untapped reservoir for advancing transparency, accountability, and critical inquiry within the field of accounting research.

Additional materials:

Andrew, J., & Baker, M. (2020). The radical potential of leaks in the shadow accounting project: the case of US oil interests in Nigeria. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 82, in press.

Andrew, J., & Baker, M. (2024). Hegemony, global capitalism and the role of diplomacy in extractive industries. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, forthcoming.

Thu 18 Apr 2024 TIME: Asia/Pacific – 8-9:00 (AEST) Africa/EU – 9-10:00 (CET) BST

Please contact Matt Sorola ( if you would like to attend


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