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CSEAR holds various events around the world including annual conferences, reading groups, webinars and workshops.


Mon 22nd August - Mon 22nd August

CSEAR 9th Emerging Scholars Colloquium, 22 August 2022

Host: CSEAR Location: University of St Andrews
Pentland Centre for Sustainability
Mon 5th September - Tue 6th September

Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business – Annual Symposium

Host: Location: Lancaster University

This year, the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business’s Annual Symposium will consist of an in-person workshop to explore the ‘long view’ of responsibility scholarship in business and management studies.

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Other events

Reading Group
Reading Group
Thursday 16th June

CSEAR Reading Group – Non-human animals in Society (w/guest: Eija VINNARI), Thursday 16 June

Non-human animals in Society with guest speaker Professor Eija Vinnari
Host: Matt Sorola Time: Africa/EU: Thursday 16 June, 2022 15h (CET) or Asia/Pacific: Thursday 16 June, 2022 15h (AEST) BST Location: Online

A world where at least sentient non-human animals are considered to have moral, political, and legal rights is already emerging, both in scholars’ imaginations and in political …

Price £free per person

Contact Matt Sorola( to find out how to join the Reading Group.

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Friday 22nd April

Accounting, Society and the Environment Workshop 2022, Thursday 28 April

Host: Time: BST Location:

The theme of this year’s workshop is ‘The road to recovery: sustainability imperatives and the reshaping of public finance and accounting in the post-pandemic world’ and is …

Any queries about the ASE workshop and special issue should be directed to Audrey Paterson (

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Reading Group
Reading Group
Thursday 21st April

CSEAR Reading Group – Launch Event: Accounting for Impact, Thursday 21 April

Host: Matt Sorola Time: BST Location:

Host, Matt Sorola, will be joined by Prof. Charles CHO (York Univ.) who will be presenting the recently launched network: Accounting for Impact The Network intends to …

To find out how to join the Reading Group, please contact Matt Sorola (

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Reading Group
Reading Group
Thursday 17th March

CSEAR Reading Group – Accounting for Impact, Thursday 17 March 2022

Host: Time: BST Location: Online.

Two sessions will be held, one to accommodate those in Africa/EU time zones and another for Asia/Pacific participants. Both sessions will be hosted by Matt Sorola who …

Please contact Matt ( if you require further information.

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