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CSEAR holds various events around the world including annual conferences, reading groups, webinars and workshops.


A-CSEAR 2023
Thu 7th December - Fri 8th December

A-CSEAR 2023 Conference

Host: QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Location: Queensland University of Technology

The QUT School of Accountancy is honoured to be hosting the 22nd annual A-CSEAR conference.
Since its inception in 2002, the A-CSEAR conference has been held in cities around Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, however this will be the first time A-CSEAR will be held in Queensland.

CSEAR Ireland 2023
Wed 8th November - Fri 10th November

CSEAR Ireland, 8-10 November 2023

Host: Queens University, Belfast Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

This fourth CSEAR Ireland conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners interested in issues related to Social and Environmental Accounting Research. The spirit of the conference is collegiate and inter-disciplinary, and we aim to provide a forum for discussion, collaboration and intellectual exchange for all those interested in any of these fields of research or practice.

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Other Events

Reading Group
Reading Group
Thursday 18th April

Wikileaks as counter-accounting? A how to guide. (w/Jane Andrew and Max Baker)

Host: Matt Sorola Time: Asia/Pacific – 8-9:00 (AEST) Africa/EU – 9-10:00 (CET) BST Location: Online - Zoom meeting

Leaked documents can help expose hidden power dynamics in a way that corporate reports cannot. In this session we explore the overlooked potential of leaked information, such …

Price £Free per person

Please contact Matt Sorola ( if you would like to attend

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Thursday 11th April

CSEAR ECoP 7: Learning autonomy and SEA experiments

Host: Michelle Rodrigue & Shona Russell Time: 1500 - 1600 GMT BST Location: Online via Zoom.

Join us online on April 11 at 15:00 (GMT) to discuss ‘Learning autonomy and SEA experiments’ as we will learn from the Sustainability Accounting Learning Platform for …

Price £Free per person


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Thursday 7th March

Reflecting on your academic journey: finding your place in the Social and Environmental Accounting community

Host: Juliette Senn and Madlen Sobkowiak Location: Online

Are you an Early Career Researcher eager to navigate the dynamic world of academia in the realm of Social and Environmental Accounting? Do you aspire to discover …

Price £Free to CSEAR members per person
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Thursday 25th January

CSEAR ECoP 6: Equity, diversity and inclusion: Teaching the issue and enabling a safe classroom

Host: Time: Thursday 25 January (2100 St Andrews/1600 Québec/1500 Texas – January 26 at 0800 Wollongong) BST Location: Online via Zoom

Join us online to discuss ‘Equity, diversity and inclusion: Teaching the issue and enabling a safe classroom’ on Thursday 25 January (2100 St Andrews/1600 Québec/1500 Texas – …

Price £Free per person
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Thursday 26th October

CSEAR ECoP 5: Connecting SEA education to broader institutional priorities

Host: Shona Russell and Michelle Rodrigue Time: 1700-1800 Paris /1600-1700 London/ 1100-1200 Montreal BST Location: Online via Zoom

Join us online on Thursday 26th October(1700-1800 Paris/1600-1700 London/1100-1200 Montreal) to discuss connections between social and environmental accounting education and institutional priorities. Panelists Clément Boyer (AgroParisTech and …

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Thursday 12th October

Critical Dialogic Accounting and Accountability Workshop

Host: Matthew Sorola, Matias Laine, Helen Tregidga and Maxence Postaire Location: TBS, Toulouse, France

Critical Dialogic accounting and Accountability Workshop Over the past two decades, Dialogic accounting research has steadily grown into a distinct field of research. There now exist a …

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